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Timbres spéciaux
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Sellos especiale
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Frimärken special
Thematic stamps
Timbres thématiques
Thematische Briefmarken
Sellos temáticos
Francobolli tematici
Thematische postzegels
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-Welcome to the wonderful  world of kiloware and very special stamps!
You have landed at Postlynx´s special stamps info site "Oddstamps".
In a simple way and in English Light we present as "What is?" our special stamps
and kiloware stamp mixtures we have in our cellar. For stamp collectors or dealers.
All available at our web store or at Postlynx´s Delcampe Store. 50 years in the
stamp industry and clients from 107 different countries...

A stamp artist´s works are small artworks, a finished painting, a drawing, a photo
or made in any other form by a Stamp Artist or just his or hers preliminary sketch.
Approved or not approved for stamp printing. more...
Full sheets of stamps as delivered by the printing house to the post office. more...

Emergeny stamps are special stamps issued for the use at wartime or emergency situations.
A small book with stamps.

A stamp error may be a work of a drunken printer, a broken printing press, paper waste
or an innovative creation at the printing house. Perforation errors.
Postage stamp errors occurs by a problem in the printing process.
By a misstake, accident or by purpouse.

Inverted overprint is a classic error but there are a lot more kinds of overprint errors
and stamps with perforation errors too
Something can be wrong with he paper making it a stamp paper error.

Or a postage stamps printed on the gum side,
just makes it even more interesting. Sometimes it can be hard to get it right
even for a stamp printer.
A print of a proposed stamp not accepted for to be issued.


A forgery is made for to fool. A genuine old reprint is for to meet a demand for more stamps. The above stamps are a reprinted as self-adhesives. 

Imperforated stamps are postage stamps with no perfins at any side, nor rouletted.
They are popular known as "imperfs". The earliest stamps were all imperforated,
as well as many later self-adhesive stamps are. 
Prepaid letters, postcard, aerogrammes and much more but all with
a pre-paid print as text "postage paid" or imprint of a stamps etc.
as this postcard. The first commercial computer, by Remington. 

Stamp proofs are pre-prints for colour and quality evaluation.
Progressive proofs are showing the printing process in different colours. 
Postage stamps overprinted or perforated "specimen" was earlier sent by each country to the Universal Postal Union for to be distributed to the member countries as reference stamps. Nowadays specimen stamps are issued more for marketing purposes.
Specimen stamps is a specialized field of stamp collecting. 
Stamps overprinted with new denominations, a celebration etc. or a change of country nameas this stamp from Vietnam originally from French Indo-China. Overprinted stamps
can be also be found with overprint errors as inverted overprint, wrong overprint or as faked overprints etc. Commonly written as "ovpt."  
Stamp perfins are small holes in the stamps forming letters or figures,
for to avoid missuse or theft. Perfins stamps can also be found in the category
specimen stamps, booklets and postal stationery.
Even officers has to learn how to use stamps at the Post Office School
Overprinted with bars or text. 
WHAT IS A Specimen stamp?
Earlier specimen stamps was sent to the UPU Library for reference
but nowadys more as presentation stamps.

Stamps from testing a printing method. Format test. Paper test. 

An uncut stamp or stamps with a remaining larger part more than the normal margins of the paper.
An unissued print of a officially planned stamp withdrawn before the issuing date. more...

WHAT IS An UPU stamp book?
A UPU Stamp Book is a folder with stamps exchanged between the UPU members.

 An un
 An unissued prin
An unissued print of a officially planned stamp withdrawn before the issuing date. more...

Kiloware or stamp mixtures are used postage stamps (cancelled) on paper cut out
from envelope corners, postcards, parcels or postal freight bills. more...


The purpose of a stamp certificate is to give a stamp collector a proof of genuiness
for a specific stamp, given by independent philatelic experts. more...

100.000 special stamps at stock in our cellar
and tons of kiloware in our warehouse.
Some you will find in our shops.
Queries and stamp scans upon request. mail.
Happy stamp collecting,
Erik, Benjamin & the chief

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